I think I became aware of Coughtrie soon after buying a house in Glasgow in 1984 - as 2 of the SP10 units were fitted to the outside of the building.  I discovered happily that the firm was in Glasgow and went to buy another bigger SP10 (150W) to put over a garage after visiting the Hillington factory  (It cost £12.93 in August 1986!). I brought this one to my next house here in the South of England. I remember seeing these SP10 fittings everywhere and realised they must be the sort of good quality item specified by architects and other professionals. Pay more and get a quality item, that really lasts, and for which you can get spares years later. This suits me as someone who wants goods that do not break down within a few months, repairs things and keeps them going.  In the 1980s and 1990s this was NOT the zeitgeist at the retail level, but now I think it is becoming the proper thing to do, and rather "green"!

Paul M, South of England

IP Or Not IP? That Is The Question

IP or ingress protection helps to classify lumenaires and light fittings for use in arduous applications where water of dust can be a hazard for electrical use. This quick guide explains what this means for the lighting industry and customers including

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Coughtrie International delivers World-Class lighting system to Grampian Prison

A major supplier to the UK custodial sector, Coughtrie International has recently completed another successful prison lighting project in partnership with The Scottish Prison Service and Skanska.

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Coughtrie International feature in the Custodial Review

Lighting systems in prisons and custodial units have undergone radical changes in the last two decades. This was accelerated by the recent introduction of the Safer Custody programme. It's set to change again with the pressures on public spending.

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Revolutionary Custodial Lighting Design from Coughtrie: Segura

Coughtrie International has introduced an innovative and patented lighting range - The Segura Range

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