Coughtrie join forces with Mears for Social Housing Project

Coughtrie Cirlux Luminaire - Social Housing

Coughtrie join forces with Mears for Social Housing Project

Coughtrie has supplied vandal resistant bulkheads for social housing environments for over 50 years. With a reputation for quality and longevity that precedes it, Coughtrie has become the ‘go-to’ place for social housing fittings. Today, nearly all UK councils have Coughtrie lights somewhere on their estates.


Mears, one of the UK’s leading housing and care providers to both the public and private sector, reached out to Coughtrie. They had been let down by a supplier and Coughtrie were asked to step in and fulfil the contract to supply light fittings for 5 tower blocks across Glasgow.


With a long history of supplying social housing luminaires, we recognise both the practical and fundamental requirements for these fittings. First and foremost, they must be robust and vandal resistant. However, they must also be easy to install and this is taken into consideration when it comes to design.


The fitting chosen for the Mears project was the Cirlux ( Aimed at both internal and external general lighting applications in the public and private sector, the Cirlux suits both traditional and contemporary environments. This robust bulkhead epitomises design simplicity and sets the standard for cost-effective, multi-application luminaires. As part of the Trio range, the Cirlux has been used in a multitude of settings for over 25 years. The Cirlux is suitable for all areas such as corridors, stairwells, offices, public spaces, toilets, breakout areas and spaces requiring additional protection.


We were thrilled to receive feedback from the Site Supervisor, Jamie, who said “One of the easiest fittings to install.”


As a result of our ability to step in and complete the project, the initial contract for 5 tower blocks turned into 30+.

If you have a social housing project and would like to learn more about Coughtrie fittings, call +44 141 882 3262.