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    Quality of build, ease of installation and low total life cost of fitting have been the mainstays of the Coughtrie International mantra embodied in the brand "British Lighting Built to Last".

    Over 6 million luminaires installed in applications including Social Housing, Custodial and Railway Infrastructure have seen the Coughtrie name become the market leader in robust light fittings for arduous environments.

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  • LED Solutions

    LED Solutions

    LED's (or Light Emitting Diodes) create light whilst using very little enrgy. In fact they use approximately 10% of the energy required by a traditional lamp to provide the same lumen output.

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  • Lighting Controls

    Lighting Controls

    There are many different lighting controls available in the market today. We have provided a brief description of the functions of the sensors we provide at Coughtrie.

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  • Retrofit Options

    Retrofit Options

    With Coughtrie luminaires boasting a life-span in excess of 25 years it is important that all customers recognise that Coughtrie provides a full retrofit service.

    The full existing family range of Coughtrie fittings can utilise the benefits of new and emerging technology, including LED, without the expense of replacing the full fitting.

    All of our LED retrofit kits are designed with ease of installation in mind to minimise installer time as well as improving the quality of light available from the original case and diffuser.

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