Coughtrie luminaires rolling back the years at Wonderdale Care Centre

Coughtrie SW Fitting at Wonderdale Care Centre

Coughtrie luminaires rolling back the years at Wonderdale Care Centre

In late 2018, Coughtrie was contacted by Director at Wonderdale Care, Guy Collins. Mr Collins was reaching out to gain support for a project, the construction of a daycare centre, aimed primarily at caring for Dementia sufferers. Operating as a not for profit social enterprise, they were entirely reliant upon donations of materials. Based in Great Gate Staffordshire, the objective for the rural Daycare centre was to utilise a green care approach that enables users to get in touch with small animal livestock and also activities associated with farming and nature-based activities.

Founded in 1939, Coughtrie has been producing luminaires for over 80 years.  Many of our original fittings have now become a part of our beloved heritage range.  It was the heritage of Coughtrie that made the brand a sought after contributor for the daycare centre.

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Construction had already begun, with many companies donating materials for the project, however, one thing missing was exterior lighting. With the daycare centre aimed primarily at providing care for dementia sufferers, the history of Coughtrie made our fittings the perfect choice to create familiarity and restore memories.

Managing Director at Coughtrie, Jayshree Mitchell, donated several SW fittings for the project. The SW was one of our first designs developed and tooled after WWII. Today, as part of the heritage portfolio, applications range from outside coastal homes to inside trendy restaurants. The heritage of the fitting made it the ideal choice for the centre.

Wonderdale Care Centre using Coughtrie SW Fittings

“Wonderdale Care is extremely grateful for the support of Coughtrie. We offer a rural day centre for people primarily with Dementia who are often isolated and unable to access structured activities that help promote their own wellbeing and that of their normal carers. The lights donated by Coughtrie help our centre blend into the rural fabric as an attractive building addition within the rural setting”.  Guy Collins, Director.

The centre is now complete although the scheduled opening has been postponed due to COVID-19. Despite the delayed opening, the staff at Wonderdale Care have been offering other community support inclusive of a safe and secure delivered hot meal service to vulnerable community members and also the distribution of over 1,600 face visors to residential and home care providers.

We look forward to the centre opening, and we are proud to support Guy Collins and Wonderdale Care.