British Built to Last! Not just a slogan at Coughtrie

British Built to Last! Not just a slogan at Coughtrie

British Built to Last isn’t just a slogan, it’s a fact!  


Our unwavering commitment to manufacturing in the UK, at the factory in Hillington, Glasgow where the original Coughtrie fittings were produced has given us a reputation for quality that precedes the name. Coughtrie luminaires boast a proven life-span in excess of 25 years with many customers returning to us time after time. 


Using a local supply chain and having a passionate team who care about every fitting that leaves the building is integral to maintaining the quality of our products. Now more than ever, we are incredibly proud to be able to continue to deliver first-class service, and one of the fastest order to despatch times in the industry.


Coughtrie - British Built to Last

Coronavirus has solidified our commitment to keeping our supply chain local. 95% of our components come from within a 25-mile radius, ensuring, that even in the midst of a global pandemic where many supply chains have been fractured, at Coughtrie we can continue to deliver on time, every time. Using a local supply chain was a conscious decision to ensure that we could first and foremost, guarantee the quality of components, as well as being conscious of our carbon footprint. At Coughtrie, we have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.


The Coughtrie name has become synonymous with quality and longevity. Many of the original Coughtrie fittings are still working, today. Therefore, it is important that all customers recognise that we provide a full retrofit service. The entire existing family range of Coughtrie fittings can be retrofitted to utilise the benefits of new and emerging technology, including LED, without the expense of replacing the full fitting. Therefore, making Coughtrie the perfect solution for consumers conscious of achieving circular economy requirements. 


We are passionate about keeping the heritage of the brand alive, by offering spare parts. One of the positives of the lockdown was the number of enquiries we received from customers regarding restoration projects. We were delighted to learn that many individuals utilised their free time, restoring Coughtrie fittings. See an example below.