Introducing J&G Coughtrie our new heritage lighting brand and the SY-6 product collection

Introducing J&G Coughtrie our new heritage lighting brand and the SY-6 product collection


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Coughtrie International Ltd launches new lighting brand and product collection

Glasgow, UK – Coughtrie International Limited, is proud to announce the launch of its new lighting brand and product collection. The brand, named J&G Coughtrie, is a re-imagining of the original Coughtrie lighting brand first launched in 1939 by 2 innovative and determined Glaswegian brothers. J&G Coughtrie reflects the company’s heritage and expertise in crafting trusted, timeless and enduring industrial lighting for over 80 years.


The new product collection, the SY-6 Compact Oval Bulkhead, is a remastering of the original design from the 1950s, with modern features and technology. The SY-6 is fully waterproof, corrosion resistant, and available in LED and bulb variants. It also comes with a corded table lamp option for indoor use.


The SY-6 is ideal for extreme environments, such as marine settings, public houses, or industrial sites. It can also create a stylish and retro ambience for homes, cafes, or offices. The SY-6 is available in various colours and finishes, such as black, white, antique bronze or natural silver.


Jayshree Mitchell, the managing director of J&G Coughtrie, said: “We are very excited to launch our new brand and product, which showcase our legacy and innovation in lighting. The SY-6 is a perfect example of how we combine timeless design with modern technology to create durable and beautiful lighting products that last a lifetime.”


The SY-6 Compact Oval Bulkhead light and variations is now available for purchase on the new J&G Coughtrie Website: (


For more information about the new brand and products, please contact Duncan McGillivray, the technical sales coordinator of J&G Coughtrie, at: [email protected] or +44 (0)141 882 3262.


About J & G Coughtrie:
J&G Coughtrie is a Glasgow-based industrial lighting manufacturer that was founded in 1939 by two brothers. The company is known for its simple, geometric and enduring lighting products that are made from the finest quality materials and the highest spec finishes. J & G Coughtrie’s original lighting products can still be found across Glasgow and other parts of the UK. The company’s new brand aims to bring its heritage and expertise to a wider audience and a modern market. Website: