Product specifications

Finishes: Black Textured, Satin White, Grey Gloss, Ral 9010
Wattages: 1 x 18w L, 1 x 13w PLC, 2 x 80w T5, 2 x 54w T5, 2 x 49w T5, 2 x 39w T5, 2 x 35w T5, 2 x 28w T5, 2 x 21w T5, 2 x 58w T8, 2 x 36w T8, 2 x 30w T8, 1 x 80w T5, 1 x 54w T5, 1 x 49w T5, 1 x 39w T5, 1 x 35w T5, 1 x 28w T5, 1 x 21w T5, 1 x 24w T5, 2 x 11w PL
Diffusers: Clear Prismatic Fire Retardant, Clear Prismatic Fire Retardant - Secret Security Screws
Microwave Detector: Yes
Emergency: Yes
IK rating: IK10++
IP rating: IP51
Dimming: Yes

Vennelux for Education

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Stylish robust linear surface and cornice mounted luminaire for T5, PLL & PLC lamps (T8 option available). Ideal for use in corridors, classrooms, lecture theatres, offices and staircases.

Extruded aluminium plus 2 die cast end caps (1 fixed, 1 hinged). Back entry as standard.

Diffuser extruded polycarbonate - clear ribbed UV stabilised fire retardant - incorporates suspension cords for cover retention.

High Frequency as standard. Integral emergency. Dimmable and other variants available. Emergency control gear integral.

Special Features
Quick release hinged gear tray along with diffuser suspension cords.